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Our Story

Black Barn free range turkeys are raised at our farm in Meldreth where they roam freely in tree lined meadows.


The farm has always considered the way the turkeys are grown as key to its success. By using animal friendly techniques such as rearing turkeys in open-sided spacious barns, with plenty of fresh air and grassy paddocks in which to roam, they produce high quality, delicious tasting meat. Select, slow growing breeds are used to give a variation of size to our customers of between 8lb - 25lb, but still allow the birds to reach adult maturity.

They are fed on a natural diet consisting of mainly cereals that are free from growth promoters and antibiotics. They are dry plucked and hand finished, then hung for a minimum of seven days to give an unrivalled level of both texture and flavour.

All of these combined with two generations of knowledge help deliver the Black Barn Promise, which can only be described as one of the finest dining experiences for what must be the most important meal of the year.