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Say hello to Chef Jose Souto

We're delighted to introduce Jose Souto and his wonderous cooking skills to our loyal Valley Farm customers!

Jose has kindly put together a few recipes for those of us who struggle to think of anything interesting to do with our turkey leftovers after the family have had their fill on Christmas day - and we think you're going to love them!

Jose initially started working as a Chef at the House of Commons (HOC) for over 11 years. Here he worked up through the ranks to become a senior Chef de partie and also took the opportunity to work stages at some of London top establishments including Le Meridien, Mossimans, The Ritz, the Intercontinental Park Lane and The Savoy.

Jose has worked extensively with many Game related Associations such as the Countryside Alliance and most recently with BASC where for the past 10 years Jose has developed their Taste of Game recipe leaflets which give the public an idea of how to cook and prepare Game.

In March 2014 Jose was invited to Buckingham Palace for an intimate lunch with the Queen, Duke of Edinburgh and 7 other guests due to his work in promoting Game at Westminster College.

" was a great honour to be recognised by the Queen in this way for my work with Game and is something I will never forget..."

In 2016 Jose was named as a “Wild and Sustainable Food Ambassador” by BASC, and the following year he was named as one of the “Chef Ambassadors” for the Seafish Authority, promoting the eating of sustainable sea fish.

Finally, in 2019 Jose received the accolade of being inducted into the Association of The Disciples of Escoffier, whose goals are to promote culinary education and the teachings of Escoffier. He becomes 1 of only 80 chefs in the uk to be inducted into the association.

So, as you can see, we are extremely proud to be able to work with Chef Jose Souto to bring our customers delicious, yet simple recipes over the next few months - quality turkey needs a quality cook! Jose is a strong believer that all chefs should know the story of their produce, its provenance and that it has been ethically produced; which links perfectly with the Valley Farm ethos too!

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